Producing backups is a function that's offered by almost all hosting service providers around. That is a very useful feature as it is a guarantee that you'll not lose critical information if something happens with your Internet sites and there are lots of possible reasons for that - somebody getting access to your account, deleting content by accident, carrying out an unsuccessful update of a script-driven program, and so on. Provided that you've got a backup, the damage in each of these cases is undoable, but you shall have to take action quickly due to the fact that most providers keep only 1 backup a day and every new one deletes the previous one, therefore a delay of a couple of days means losing everything. Our progressive backup system was developed with the idea to avoid this kind of cases and it'll allow you to pick what content to restore and from what date as you shall have a large number of backups to select from.
Browsable Daily Backups in Web Hosting
The backup service is activated by default for each web hosting solution we offer and unlike other firms, we keep a copy of your files four times daily. We also keep the backups for the past seven days and we don't delete any of them, so in case you require any content from a certain day and hour, you'll be able to restore it with ease. Even though our technical support can easily help you with that, you will not have to lose time to contact them considering that all backups are available as browsable folders in the File Manager section of the Hepsia CP, which is used to take care of the shared hosting accounts, so restoring a backup is as easy as copying a folder or a specific file depending on what you need. In order to avoid any accidental deletions, the backups are in read-only mode, thus they can be copied, but not changed. If you use our web hosting services, you won't have to be concerned that you may possibly lose data under any circumstances.
Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting
If you buy any of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages, our system shall generate backups of any information you create or upload by default. This happens four times daily at regular intervals and the copies are kept for no less than 7 days so as to make certain that just in case you need an older backup, we will have it. We've broadened this feature even further since we have made it possible to browse all available backups as ordinary folders in the File Manager of the web hosting CP. This will offer you more control over your sites given that you can see when every one of the backups has been generated and you'll be able to restore any file or folder by copying it to the live domain directory within your account. Of course, our technical support can help you with that, but if you need anything to be restored quickly, you will not have to lose time. With our backup service, you will not have to worry about losing important information even in case you figure out that you need it a couple of days later.