Many individuals who start using their 1st hosting account, or change companies, often have queries about how given operations are done or encounter complications when setting up different things like emails, website settings, and so on. Because of this, lots of providers have prepared documentation with frequently asked questions and problems so as to help their clients receive info swiftly and seamlessly. Consequently, the client support team can dedicate more time to actual issues that given customers may be experiencing, as the solution for the minor things will be available on the World Wide Web and clients can easily solve them without touching base with the customer care team. Having detailed documentation is critical, particularly for new customers without any previous experience, because the web hosting service entails tons of features and many individuals can get confused about what action to take. A good information repository can both help you accomplish the things that you need and find out how the hosting service functions as a whole.
Extensive Online Documentation in Web Hosting
If you’ve ordered your first web hosting package through our company or have moved your website over to us, you will become accustomed to our platform and our created-developed Hepsia Control Panel before you know it due to the fact that we have prepared an extensive web-based knowledge base where you can find all the info that you will ever need – both general info with regard to the service as a whole and more concrete info about the separate features that you can make use of and the challenges that you might run into. The articles are located in two places. The full article collection can be accessed via the Help section of the Control Panel. You can find articles that are dedicated to the different functions in every section of the Control Panel too. You can learn how to accomplish de facto everything, from enabling an .htaccess config file to administering an electronic mailing list, and all the articles feature exhaustive instructions, so you will never become bewildered on account of an unclear text. Certainly, in case you encounter a more specific problem and you cannot find a solution in our knowledge base, you can touch base with our technical support team representatives 24-7.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our company’s semi-dedicated servers come bundled with a comprehensive article repository where you can find any information that you might require about our hosting services or about the Hepsia hosting Control Panel that we use. We’ve prepared it on the basis of the feedback that we’ve obtained from our clients through the years and, hence, our articles deal with specific problems that you might stumble upon and offer the best means of fixing them, for example getting a 500 Internal Server Error message or not being able to send e-mail messages from your desktop PC even though you have the correct SMTP server settings. The articles are available in each single section of the Control Panel and you can consult them whenever you like. They can help you deepen your knowledge not only about our platform, but also about the web hosting service as a whole, as they offer thorough guides and general info such as what file permissions or cron jobs are.