Managing your own hosting machine might not be a breeze and in some occasions it could be incredibly frustrating, especially if you do not have much experience and you aren't confident how to proceed in specific scenarios. The server has its own Os and processes running on it, so you might need to handle challenges that you haven't come across with a standard shared hosting package where the provider deals with the server maintenance while you handle just your web content via a website hosting Cp. If some service stops responding, for instance, or some process start overloading the server, you'll have to take measures to restore the correct operation of the hosting server. In case you haven't dealt with these kinds of situations before, you could use the Monitoring & Rebooting function, that's an element of our optional Managed Services upgrade pack.
Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Web Hosting
Adding the Managed Services package to your dedicated web hosting package is as easy as clicking a button on the order page or within your billing Control Panel and given that the service is enabled, our system administrators will keep an eye on all system processes on your machine 24/7 as to ensure that everything is working the way it should. An automated system will inform them as soon a problem shows up, so they can troubleshoot it to determine what created it and will then take care of it in no time. Frozen processes, software components that have shut down or programs that use far too much physical memory are merely several examples of the things our seasoned staff will look for and handle. A third-party monitoring business can only tell you that there is some issue with a certain system service, but they will lack the means to do anything about it as they won't be able to access your server.